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ESSEX WIRE COBRA - 1965 - CSX 3009

            Scale Model - Chassis Images

The combination of beautiful designs, world class engineering, the best fabrication technology, the great handmade and craftsmanship ability, provide incredible and amazing automotive replicas.

Our visions are to create and deliver Excellence. From concept to realization. Our work philosophy is to create beautiful and exciting Scale Models that incorporate a perfect balance between sculpture, proportion, handicraft and technology. We feel that this gives every replica we create a sense of timeless beauty. Our approach is to focus on the optimal expression of historic and famous great cars. We are now available to consult for design services and development for a limited number of clients.



SCALE : 1:5

Length : 32" (813 mm)

Width :   14" (356 mm)

Height : 9.0" (229 mm)

Weight : 37 Pounds

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